Peter and me, Nina, went on a one month trip in september. The goal was to explore Kyrgyzstan, Tadjikistan and china. First stop: Kyrgyzstan!

Through the Tian Shan mountains we encountered the wonders of this region of the ex-Soviet Union. The beauty of its landscapes, the vastness of it’s culture and the hospitality and warmth of its people stunned us.
An incredible experience that calls us back to Central Asia.

Come discover Kyrgyzstan! 😀




Persian Epiphanies

Can we ever know History? Is it anything but a series of folk tales and pitifully scarce, ambiguous archeological finds?

Poetry, architectural splendor to bring even the blind to their knees, calligraphy that challenges the supremacy of the Chinese, subtle political statements in the young’s appearance and attitudes, an epic Palang rap song, gazing at Iraq, drinking & driving…

If you are looking for a lesson, just remember this – you’ll never know a place. Tu ne peux pas ‘faire’ un pays. Not even your own. In part, this is because you are an integral part of your experience of a place and its life – changing yourself therefore results in your experience of the place becoming different.



‘Make it Real’ in ocean limbo

On the voyage, there was about five days where we were visited by dolphins daily. I shared some mystical moments with them…

So I met these two girls in Sri Lanka. They told me about the ship they were on, the MIR, studying whales and dolphins off the coast of the country.

I immediately got hooked on the idea.



The Sunflower Movement

Being a vibrant democracy is one of the key aspects that makes this island so different from its bigger, darker brother.

Prior to Taiwan, I had spent a year traveling solely in China, to get to know my roots. I had emerged from that tough, but rough: I had lost much tact and sensibility, becoming arrogant and loud as a natural adaptation to a society broken by the Cultural Revolution.

Taiwan was what made me realize this. It taught me how to speak softly, how to avoid conflict – it’s the most effective culture of interpersonal communication I’ve come across.



A Bengali Odyssey

Welcome to true anarchy functioning under near-ultimate corruption. A truly fascinating, terrifying yet illuminating political philosophy.

Friendship, exhaustion, disease. Muslims, Buddhists, Atheists. Locals, refugees, politicians. Supreme mindfucks, random intrepid travelling, low budget improvs. Working through religious and cultural abysses, dealing with oddballs, haggling everywhere, praying with the second largest mass of the most pious muslims, playing with little monk kids, free-loading off hospitable villagers, dancing, music, lots of street-side tea, and so much more!



The Emperor’s enclave

It’s one of those rare places where you will see people living with both a Lexus and their goats.

The moment you cross into Musandam, the Omani enclave-peninsula in the north of the UAE, things – especially scenery – go from sad to rad.

Locals – even border officials – are actually friendly and welcoming, living a traditional lifestyle despite being wealthy.