140 of you contributed to the crowdfunding campaign which is making this project possible.

Contributions ranged from $1 to $1000, from 17 different countries, but mostly from the US and Switzerland – two countries of my heritage. The third, China – only saw 3 contributors… impressive since the platform is blocked in that country. Many also came from the UK, Finland, Norway, Italy, Singapore, Taiwan, Canada, France, Brazil, Australia, Oman, Argentina, Thailand and Myanmar.

Our youngest backer is 13 (Jay), our oldest 98 (潘良儒).

45 of you
are old friends
You who have followed me through all these adventures from the very beginning. Your support has been overwhelming, and you know what it means to me.

45 of you
are new friends

I have met on my travels since leaving home at the age of 18. You’ve shown the world that the bonds of travel are not transient. To a lifetime of friendship!

15 of you
are family
You’ve seen how I took my education in my own hands, and while some of you are still skeptical, I won’t rest until you all believe in me.

35 of you
are friends of family

What a show of force! You demonstrate the power of network. I consider you as an extension of our family – friends are the family we can choose.


丁忠德 & 潘良儒
Abdul Rahman
[simple_tooltip content='”Sausage and macaroni”‘]Jonathan [/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content='”It`s the good things that don`t last forever.”‘]Devil King [/simple_tooltip]
Florian & Manasa
[simple_tooltip content='”Not all those who wander are lost.” J.R.R. Tolkien’]Jody Holtzman [/simple_tooltip]
Rosa Yan
Bruce Lin
Rashmi Chopra
[simple_tooltip content='”tu suis tes rêves, tu es inspirant” ‘]Marc Sneiders [/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content='”Looking forward to your exciting journeys and remember, ppl are watching you:)” ‘]Hu Yuanlong [/simple_tooltip]
David A.
[simple_tooltip content=’ “Bravo pour ce choix de vie qui sort de l`ordinaire et bon courage pour la suite!” ‘]Young [/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content='”I look forward ever so much to seeing and meeting the world through your eyes.”‘]James Tadion [/simple_tooltip]
Leena Magnani
Daniel A.
[simple_tooltip content='”Wish to see you soon”‘]Jay [/simple_tooltip]
N Dubois
[simple_tooltip content='”Would you be in my current FB pic”‘]Nora N [/simple_tooltip]
Liana Xing Stauffacher
[simple_tooltip content='”gate crashed the heron tower at wikimania, thank you for the 4 AM blues!”‘]Gaelle Berton [/simple_tooltip]
Daniel Aksioutine
Vel Chesser
Emmanuel Mamangun
Thilo Véronique
Alison Dalzell
[simple_tooltip content='”Enjoy your life Peter, there is only one!”‘]Sainte-Catherine [/simple_tooltip]

[simple_tooltip content='”Je suis trop contente pour toi que ce projet prenne petit à petit vie, et qu`autant de gens te soutiennent. C`est juste génial ♥”‘]Marie Meuh Gilliéron [/simple_tooltip]
Marta Gacic Dobo
Charlotte Mauron
[simple_tooltip content='”Love you and best wishes!” ‘]Jill Lu [/simple_tooltip]
Jean-Paul & Laurent
Qiu Xiaohong
[simple_tooltip content='”Hope your project is fun and meaningful. We send our love to you from North Carolina.”‘]Jack Holtzman [/simple_tooltip]
Justine Koffi
Jesse Peveril
Jerome Blackman
Clément Barral
[simple_tooltip content='”Well done, Peter :)”‘]Dysangel [/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content='”Thanks a lot Peter for showing people that we can be what we want as long as we create our own opportunity”‘]Ivan Larson Vo Aebi [/simple_tooltip]
Letizia Reickhoff
Juan Qi An
[simple_tooltip content='”Even though I contributed much less than a plane ticket, I know I’ll be going all over the world via your project. Whoop whoop!”‘]Amillin [/simple_tooltip]
Ines Dinh
Céline Dubath
[simple_tooltip content='”Open-minded travel, creativity and open content go well together!”‘]Daniel Kessler [/simple_tooltip]
Andrew Rubenstein
Zheng Chuan
Maura Wernz
Georgia Galazaula
[simple_tooltip content='”Thank you for doing what a lot of us would only dream of doing, and being so passionate about sharing your wild adventures with us.”‘]Virginie Nussbaum [/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content='”Merci de me faire rêver aux quatre coins de la planète!”‘]V [/simple_tooltip]
Ashley Perry
[simple_tooltip content='”Travels to keep dreams and adventures alive”‘]Vincent Beck [/simple_tooltip]
Deniz Python
[simple_tooltip content='”Good luck Peter Pan, I hope you will ever reach your goals!”‘]Bastien Perrod [/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content='”No me regalen más libros porque no los leo Lo que he aprendido es porque lo veo Mientras más pasan los años Me contradigo cuando pienso El tiempo no me mueve yo me muevo con el tiempo Soy, las ganas de vivir, las ganas de cruzar Las ganas de conocer lo que hay después del mar Yo espero que mi boca nunca se calle También espero que las turbinas De este avión nunca me fallen No tengo todo calculado, ni mi vida resuelta Sólo tengo una sonrisa y espero una de vuelta (…)”‘]Arno [/simple_tooltip]

[simple_tooltip content='”Crashing rooftops and free gym in a 5 star hotel wouldn`t happen without Peter Pan!” ‘]Yeyen Sinarta [/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content='”Meow”‘]Moron Brandon [/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content='”I have already deleted this line so many times… I do not really know what to say… I am waiting here, I am sitting back waiting for your story to start. I am sure it will be very well worth listening…” ‘]Giulio [/simple_tooltip]
Lin Geng-Yu
Salvador Pitta
[simple_tooltip content='”Open your mind and feel free” ‘]Francisco Ruiz [/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content='”Be courageous, be happy and keep it simple”‘]Samuel Wagner [/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content='”For the good time we had in Bangkok, learning Thai massage techniques while sharing fun travel stories.”‘]Baza Mujynya [/simple_tooltip]
Michael Smith
[simple_tooltip content='”Keep exploring!”‘]Douglas Bass [/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content='”Bravo à toi, Peter, et à ton équipe pour le lancement de ce beau projet! Bon courage pour la suite, je vous tiens les pouces!”‘]Natalie Jothikasthira [/simple_tooltip]
Sam Touger
Shrödinger’s Cat
Nadia Low
Boris Muzychuk
[simple_tooltip content='”Thanks to all those who have taken care of this free traveller!!”‘]Dennis Wild [/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content='”These stories will have to hold me over until the next time our paths cross!”‘]Jonathan Weistrich [/simple_tooltip]
Harsh Bedi
[simple_tooltip content='”Come visit Taiwan again! ;)”‘]Elmo Wen [/simple_tooltip]
Marius Sevaldsen
Hera Hussain
[simple_tooltip content='”Looking forward to read you!”‘]Olivia Farhni [/simple_tooltip]
Jane Butler
Elodie Pereira Antonio
David L. Greenwood
Alma Schanzer
[simple_tooltip content='”Keep on rocking! Christina 😊”‘]Christina [/simple_tooltip]
Valerie de Peyer
Will Hunt
Tanguy de Ferrieres
Julie Quild

[simple_tooltip content='”Goodluck and God bless you! All glory comes from daring to begin. -Eugene F. Ware”‘]Rowell [/simple_tooltip]
Hamzha Hameed
Karen Kronick
Worworsor Hirangkul
[simple_tooltip content='”I`m excited for this website! I think it will be awesome in the end!”‘]Luke Holtzman [/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content='”Big thank you to Peter Pan for taking the time to do such a big work to spread your experiences”‘]Daems Vincent [/simple_tooltip]
Kimberley Chow
Alex Ambroz
Yeung Yu Yin
[simple_tooltip content='”Go for it and enjoy! :)” ‘]Kelly Taylor [/simple_tooltip]
Richard Cooke
[simple_tooltip content='”AAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”‘]Nguyen Quan [/simple_tooltip]
Joan Stern Kiok
[simple_tooltip content='”Dreams come true!”‘]Friedli [/simple_tooltip]
Sabrina Chen
Maria Kerber
[simple_tooltip content='”One love!”‘]Dolphin [/simple_tooltip]
Aïda Hsr
Daichi Naoi
[simple_tooltip content='”Never stop believing in your dreams”‘]Dharan [/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content='”Voyageur par procuration”‘]Ilan Acher [/simple_tooltip]
Timothy Reis Yeh
Ridhi K
Stephanie Spissu
Caroline Mustaklem
[simple_tooltip content='”Support for an interesting project”‘]Vikas Shukla [/simple_tooltip]
Posak Jodian