Don’t worry about reading yet, below are the full size scans of each of the individual 8 pages of the article.


In April 2016, while I was isolated on Graciosa Island in the Azores, a blazingly smart young lady called JiaQi Kang, a Chinese-Swiss student in Geneva, contacted me.

I learnt that over the years, she had followed my adventures through my sister and brother, and she now wanted to interview me for a big project: a quarterly magazine geared towards the Chinese diaspora community. She wanted to interview me for their very first issue.

How could I say no? For a couple of weeks we wrote a Google doc together, her asking questions, me answering, her commenting and adding more questions… until we had a monster correspondence.

We spoke about China, Taiwan, Oman, Photography… and I added a few pics.

A few months later, upon my return from a family trip in Norway, I received the magazine in the mail. I was impressed by every aspect of the magazine, from the design, to the superb quality of submissions, to the fact that this whole venture was built by four young high school students during their spare time.

So with no further ado, below is a scan of the article as it was printed! There are nine pages, with the first one being the frontpage of this edition of the magazine.

The print version was slightly cut, and you can find the full-length interview here, which might be a better read if you are using a small screen.

If you are interested in owning the first issue of this ambitious magazine (it’s 42 pages of literary and visual gems), buy it here for 15$ + shipping! It’s a superb read, especially if you are interested in getting to know today’s China beyond the media. You’d also be supporting an ambitious project at it’s very outset, when support is most needed. We all know how hard it is to run a print magazine in the 21st century, let alone start a new one!

Find their website at!

Again, the uncut interview is here, and the print version right here below (give it a minute to load) ↓

Flip through as if this was in your hands!

Front Page

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