Hi. My name is Peter Pan, and today I would like to tell you about something that is dear to me: YOU.



For the past three years, I have sought out people of all ages, professions, social standings and cultural backgrounds in 36 countries around the world.


I have done this in pursuit of self-education, having quit school at 16. I believe that experience is the best teacher that life has to offer, and that everyone I meet could have something to teach me.


*Not your average travel story


In these three years, I have been hosted in people’s homes, temples, construction sites, floors of buses and backs of vans, parking lots and rooftops…


‘Homes’ on the Road


And even stayed in prison, parliament… and on a massive sailboat.


Sleeping on the deck of this thing is actually not that bad!


No man is above work, even when atop a bus.


All while maintaining a daily schedule of self-studies, working towards a distance-learning bachelor’s degree and scrambling for ways to fund it all.

Along the way, I have shared a dozen selections of pictures and writings. I knew that without sharing what I have learned and experienced, my trips would feel incomplete.


But this needs to go beyond social media


It wasn’t enough, and we all knew it. Month after month, I was asked to share my stories in full. To publish my pictures. To make podcasts. Videos. To write a book. Multiple books.


But this nomadic lifestyle doesn’t allow for deeper, fuller processing and sharing.


I challenge you to write an article in the back of this thing.


And so, finally, I relented. In order not to let these epic tales fade into oblivion, I’ve put a pause to my homeless vagabonding to share my stories in full. I am settling down… for now.


Since starting this project, I’ve rented a place to focus on getting my stories to you. Friends have joined the project and are helping me with everything from web design to translation.


We have been working through 65,000 pictures, 2000 videos, countless writings and recordings… but I’m running out of resources to keep going and complete the project.


Turns out, even skipping across the globe can be cheaper than staying in one place. To complete this project properly, I need time and space.


Time and space which I can no longer afford alone.


Would you like to help bring this project to life?