Meditation is Easy

How to meditate: Goal ? Do nothing and observe what happens within your consciousness.

1. Sit or Lie down, and do not move.
2. Once you can not move, stop reacting to your thoughts, by putting attention on either your breath or your heart.
3. Maintain sustained attention on that.

That’s it. Then, just let the insights emerge 😉 Feel free to note them down, then return to the meditation.

(If you do this and feel like it, please do share your insights! You can email me through the ‘contact’ page.)

<3 P.S. Explorers can choose to lie down and practice this with no time limit, adding another feature. 4. Expand your awareness of what you perceive internally, to the outer limits. Once you are at that limit, place a label on it in your mind. You are now outside the limits. Expand further. Get to the next limits. Label. Repeat. This extension is borrowed from the very last exercise of the Avatar course, meant to make you reach union with everything. I don't recommend the Avatar course, it was poorly taught to me and caused inner damage that took a long time to recuperate from. However, it did its job for me. This exercise shouldn't hurt you, as there is no dogma attached to it. But hey, who knows. If you wanna stay safe, stick to the first three ;) Peace!