Kometa Self-Confidence Workshop (in Music)

So, while I was in Latvia, visiting my grand-father’s birthplace with him, my grand-mother and nearly all of us grand-kids, we found out about a local festival in its second year.

Kometa Festival, held on this star-shaped island near Riga, Latvia.

Now, I’m generally not particularly attracted to festivals, because I am naturally distrustful of ‘bubbles’ where people go to release and let go, only to go back to their normal lives after.

Here, however, I felt like something else was at play. Why? Check this out, from their website.

‘Everything started with an idea of a festival without advertisements, slogans and plastic, without conveyor music and artificial trends. A cosmic culture festival, where music, art and we are in harmony with nature.’

Freedom is legal.
Thinking is courage.
Beauty is ever present.

Everything started with an idea of a festival without advertisements, slogans and plastic, without conveyor music and artificial trends. A cosmic culture festival, where music, art and we are in harmony with nature.

Where each of us is both – the creator and the created.

Without consumption of entertainment, flat bonds, lazy clichés, paltering transactions and privatization. An idea of a place free from ready-made conceptions that replace thinking – a place where we all are participants rather than just guests or consumers.

And then the idea of a festival became a new way of thinking.

Imagine a world that engages, not separates, that encourages, not stifles. Where live music unfolds the wonder of the world, where artists are not indifferent towards reality and where beauty is magically born by us being together. A world where art and music is not produced and marketed, but comes as the only possible answer for the creative urge to pass a message. Where creativity is not an industry packaged as startups and ad-wards, but lives within you as a bright and miraculous energy. Where impersonal cynicism and dominance over your mind and taste dissolves and the customary programme ceases to function.

This festival can become something more – a Comet for travelling the earth and dreaming of a new world. Daugavgrīva fortress shall become a natural, autonomous territory, an erogenous zone and oasis for rituals. It can be a collective dream, meditation of truth and a moment for remembering your natural force. If you feel as being a part of something bigger, if you know that we are One, you are one of us already, without teaching or persuading.

Komēta comes as an event that has not happened yet, as a rebellious celebration, ritual of freedom, where we can magically create the reality together instead of surrendering to inescapable humdrum.

We are radical.
We are shameless.
We are alive.

We invite to free the consciousness socially, economically, ecologically, sensually and spiritually. The times of standing aside are over. Let Komēta be a cosmic festival, a crack in the calendar, a wonder that is bound to happen.

Now, as if that wasn’t enough, their program included lectures & workshops, a circus village, electronic music from Georgia to Palestine, a huge dedicated jam space called the Higgs Boson, a psychedelic cinema… I was sold.

And so we went. Yes, I know you can’t start a sentence with ‘and’. I’m gonna do it anyway.

It was so amazing, we even brought the grand-parents and grand-kids to check it out the day after.

Good thing we didn't bring the family there the day this happened. Picture taken from Festivals Kometa FB page.

But this post is not simply here to advertise the festival. Allow me to get to the gist of this post.

On that Saturday, I had thought of taking a psychedelic substance to enhance the experience, but had decided against it because I realized that the desire actually came from an insecurity.

I was trying to be free with the help of a substance, much like people drink, smoke weed, etc.

And so, having opted out, for the whole afternoon, I felt a little bit blocked. Unfree, unable to fully express and participate in all the art and activity around me.

Of course, it wasn’t terrible, and I was still jamming with others and enjoying myself… but the frustration was palpable.

And so, at 8pm, I was about to give in. I was playing piano at this wild jam, but was still feeling blocked. I hadn’t found an alternative to the substance, and a newly-made musician friend asked me if I was going to join her on her trip. I got up to step away from the piano.

Mystical moment arrives.

Literally as I am about to step away from the piano, this insane looking guy shows up. Walks straight to me.

I mean, literally, this guy looked like he popped right out of a Hunter S. Thompson novel. Grey feathers instead of a jacket, bright blue sunglasses and a nice, thick beard… on a small, strong, Greek man. Alexis Akrovatakis.

With the piano in between him & I, we shake hands and smile at each other. Not much else needed to be said, we were clearly riding the same vibe wave.

‘I need some people to jam for my workshop. Wanna?’ he asks.

‘Sure, what kind of workshop?’ I ask, in return. I gaze at my friend, waiting for me to join her trip.

‘It’s a self-confidence workshop.’ He replies.

Do you believe in coincidence?

I’m friggin baffled. What? Yet another mystical ‘coincidence’, right at the friggin perfect time. Just as I was about to give into insecurity in a moment of weakness, not having found my solace in sobriety, this man shows up. Obviously not to be ignored. I don’t even try to contain my excitement.

‘Let’s f*çking do this.’

So here is the recording of that workshop, which started ASAP after we met. I had no idea what he was going to do, he had no idea what I was going to do. And yet, it worked, smoothly.

Not only that, it truly freed me. As his workshop is essentially (surely improvised) 30 minutes of looking at each other’s eyes, I was free to express myself, without people even necessarily realizing who was playing what.

On the piano, later adding singing into the equation, I let loose. This was the first time I managed to express myself musically so fully, sober. Thank God. It’s possible. Haha.

By the way, if you think 30 minutes of looking deep into someone’s eyes sounds cheesy, think again. This stuff is damn powerful. I got high, all the participants got damn high, and Alexis was high. Try it out. Natural adulteration, with powerful bonding in between.

He recommends picking ANYONE. A stranger, anyone willing to participate. This is meant to show this beautiful, unconditional connection and true love one can feel towards anyone. We don’t get enough of this in today’s globalized society. IMO.

So yeah! Please do enjoy the vibe of this. Listen to it as is, or better yet, try the workshop with a partner.

If it’s hard to understand what he says sometimes, don’t worry. It doesn’t really matter, just stick through and don’t look away.

What do you need for this workshop?

  1. Find a partner (you can even team up with other pairs of people)
  2. Find an open space where people won’t disturb you.
  3. Commit to going through (we’ll remind you in the recording 😉 )
  4. Play this on some speakers!

It lasts just under 30 minutes, with a 90 second intro.

Alright, enjoy! Please let me know how you like the music, how you like the workshop if you try it (I’ll let Alexis know) etc. As usual, any advice to improve what I do, be it musically or on this website, please shoot. Alright, Peace & Love!

Thank you Tjaša for recording this and sending it to me. Thank you Alexis for existing, and appearing at such a magical moment, in such a mystical way. Thank you Kometa & all of you behind the intention & organization. Of course, thank you to all these magical people we met there. Please come visit Geneva this summer or the next.

To see some pics of Kometa,

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