The Day AfterABOUT

Born to a Chinese mother and an American father, I had the privilege of growing up in Geneva, Switzerland. Despite the safety and prosperity of my homeland, I grew up hungry for obscure knowledge, life-altering experience and strange genius.

At the age of 16, I quit school to self-study full-time. Two years later, I flew to Beijing and started traveling – funding it as I went, roughing it when I couldn’t. The only reason I am still alive is because people have cared for me every step of the way.

Today, I am 23 years old. Full-time traveler, photographer and writer. I have traveled in every imaginable condition, from dirt poor to the heights of luxury, in three dozen countries in Asia, the Middle East, North America and Europe. Instead of tourist attractions, I tend to head towards difficult, sometimes forbidden places, staying with locals or on the streets.

Interested in the real, not the shown, I rarely plan and usually survive.

Where have I been?

Criss-crossing the world since 2012, above is a rough, simplified map of my travels until 2016. Yeah, I’m a hyperactive kid.



I am so happy you always do anything you want from your heart.
That’s the biggest part of Peter I know.

– Himal Adhikari

Your courage to do what makes you happy and ignore the social pressures put out there for your age group, and your courage to travel where and how you do…
You inspired them because you live outside the box.

-Barb Stuckey

When I first met Peter, I thought he was a little strange. It quickly became clear that ‘strange’ in this case meant ‘awesome.’ He is a living contradiction to our assumptions about conventional life. It’s rare to meet someone who truly approaches life on their own terms, and so wholeheartedly…

– Alex W

I don’t think I have met anyone with such a variety of in-depth interests…
He is open to debate and loves intense discussions. However he does sleep a lot.

– Gavin Lancaster